Rigaku Smartlab XRD

The Rigaku Smartlab X-ray Diffractometer located in lab 3510 in the Engineering building is operated by the Zevalkink research group.  This system is ideal for either powder measurements (Bragg-Brentano geometry) or for thin film measurements (parallel beam geometry).  A 2D detector makes it possible to analyze texturing on polycrystalline samples.

Any MSU graduate student can be trained to use the instrument for research purposes.   The hourly rate for MSU users is approximately $9 / hr.    Before contacting us regarding training, please take the Analytical X Ray Radiation safety training offered by EHS, and obtain a dosimeter to monitor radiation levels.   You can find further instructions by joining our Slack group: Smartlab_XRD.

All of the available manuals and documentation from Rigaku are provided below.  Note that we do not necessarily have all of the listed attachments.  Please contact us for more information regarding specialized measurement needs.


SmartLab Instruction Manual for thin-film

SmartLab Instruction Manual for powder

SmartLab Reference Manual

SmartLab+HyPix-3000 System User’s Manual

       Mirror Alignment
           Sample Alignment
           Reflectivity Measurement
        Sample Alignment
        RSM Measurement
       Sample Alignment
       RSM Measurement

          Temperature Control
          Spin and Oscillation